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Family Photography

For those families that want some great family pictures on location or just a shorter time frame documenting their family at home, our 1 hour sessions are great for that. During this session only 15 minutes will be allocated to relaxed traditional portraits. The remainder of the time will be for your family to just have fun.

Day in the life

Day in the life sessions are documentary in nature. The aim of this session is to create a visual diary for your children, of your life, so it can be returned to and loved for many years to come. These sessions are fantastic for children and adults who feel less comfortable with more traditional family portraits. It’s also an amazing way to preserve your family’s history.

You may think you or your family is ‘boring’, not true! The little gestures your family members make to each other, the faces your child pulls, the giggles, favorite games or toys, as well as the daily rituals, are pure magic, and unique to your family. You may also feel nervous that your child will have a ‘meltdown’ or be put in a ‘time out’. That’s OK, that’s adorable, and that’s childhood!!! Just remember, after every meltdown and time out comes the wiping of the tears, the I’m sorry, lots of hugs and kisses, and then the excitement of moving onto the next activity. That is life. Perfect, honest, and raw.

So what activities should you plan for the day? This day can be whatever you want it to be. You can decide to go to the beach or a favourite playground, take your child to their regular ballet, swimming, or soccer practice, go shopping, to the zoo, or to your local cafe for coffee, ice cream or a sweet treat… whatever you would normally.

*Additional costs such as entrance fees to venues, parking fees, meal costs etc. are in addition to the booking fee.